Citizenship, Sustainability and Human Rights Policy

Dan McMenamin and Associates is a small consultancy enterprise with big ideas. We are guided and motivated by a statement of beliefs that outlines our responsibilities to our customers, our employees and our colleagues around the world. These responsibilities guide our business and social practices with a strong focus on the people, customers and communities we serve, not only in what we say or the tasks we accept, but in how we act as a Company.

Governmental authorities s have the duty to protect the human rights of its citizenry. As a corporation, Dan McMenamin and Associates has a responsibility to respect these rights, and especially those of the many people we touch with consultation services and training including our employees and the people who support our industry.

We are committed to respecting human rights as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its two corresponding covenants, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and The International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. We endeavor to ensure that we do not infringe on human rights, avoid complicity in the human rights abuses of others, and comply with the laws of the countries in which we do business.

In particular, we believe our most significant opportunities to impact human rights and therefore our greatest areas of responsibility is Human Rights in the Workplace.

Our employees are the backbone of our commitment to human rights practices and performance. We respect the dignity and human rights of our employees. In addition to the universal statements of human rights noted above, we follow the principles in the International Labor Organizations Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including non-discrimination, freedom of association and freedom from forced and child labor. Our commitments are detailed in our Global Labor & Employment Guidelines, our Policy on Employment of Young Persons and our Policy on Business Conduct. Our workplace practices and policies on providing fair compensation, equal opportunity, safe and healthy workplaces and other commitments to human rights reflect our belief that the success of our Company is linked with employee satisfaction and well-being. We foster compliance with these policies on a continuing basis through internal training programs.

As professionals in the telecommunications industry and as subject matter experts in electrical protection, we have a long-standing commitment to improve and sustain the health of our workforce.

In accordance with laws and regulations, and consistent with our values, we have informal mechanisms for employees to air grievances and to file complaints and violations without fear of reprisal.

The protection of intellectual property underpins our industry development efforts. All of our technical papers are copy written but available to the industry.

Human Rights Implementation and Oversight

At Dan McMenamin and Associates, Inc. we support our commitment to human rights by accepting work from companies with a reputation for human rights advocacy.

We also expect our clients to commit to respecting human rights, as outlined in our policies, and encourage them to develop similar standards of their own.

This statement on human rights was developed with input from employees in key functional areas and from expert external professionals. We will continue to engage these groups as our human rights commitments and programs evolve, and will rely on them to continually challenge ourselves on these efforts. We will strive for transparency through our website, and we will regularly report on our progress with training and internal auditing activities.


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