White Papers

Some of Dan's White Papers :

-48VDC Computer Equipment Topology INTELEC 1998 SanFrancisco California

A Maintenance Engineers Perspective On_Battery Performance Relative To Network Reliability INTELEC 1995 The_Hague The Netherlands

A Truly Modular Power Plant INTELEC 1988 San Diego CA

Battery Evaluation and Testing Case Studies Telescon 1994 Berlin Germany

Bonding And Grounding A Digital World INTELEC 2007 Rome Italy

Case Studies Of Central Office Cable Tray Failures INTELEC 1994 Vancouver BC Canada

Case Studies Supporting -48VDC As The Power Of Choice For Computer Equipment Deployed In The Telecom Network INTELEC 1998 SanFrancisco California

The Dirt on Grounding: Where the bodies are buried ATIS PEG 2012 Huntsville, AL

To Fuse or not to Fuse ATIS PEG 2013 San Ramon, CA

One Spark Away from a Boom: Safety, performance and reliability parameters of batteries serving telecom, data and utility applications ATIS PEG 2015 Huntsville, AL

Critical Parameters Of Network Reliability During Weather Extremes Infobat 2014 Niagara Falls Canada

Electrical Fires And The Power Disconnect Issue INTELEC 1997 Melbourne Australia

Fault Tolerance INTELEC 1993 Paris France

Firming Up The Framing INTELEC 2006 Providence Rhode Island

Good Intentions Poorly Executed Battcon 2009 Florida

Hydrogen Outgassing Electrical Consumption And The Myriad Code Requirements INTELEC2010 Orlando_Florida

Its About Money: Well, that and grounding INTELEC 2002 Montreal Quebec Canada

Maintaining An Effectively Bonded and Grounded Network in an Age Of Copper Theft ATIS Protection Engineers Group 2010

Mitigating Construction & Demolition Vibration Damage on Stationary Batteries and Electronic Systems Battcon 2008 Florida

Myths And Performance Problems In Telecom Network Power Battcon 2001 Florida

NEBS It's Not Just For Telcos Anymore Battcon 2006 Florida

Parameters to Address When Considering a Distributed DC Topology Infobat 2011 Montreal, Quebec

Power Maintenance Reduction: A Mixed Blessing INTELEC 1989 Florence Italy

Risk Mitigation For Telephone Operators And Technicians INTELEC 1991 Kyoto Japan

Risk Mitigation Of Lightning Incursion Into Network Equipment Via PhotoVoltaic Systems INTELEC 2008 San Diego California

The Changing Face Of Power Cable INTELEC 2000 Phoenix Arizona

Thermal Runaway A System Solution For A System Problem INTELEC 1992 Washington DC

Thermographic Analysis Of The Central Office Power Plant INTELEC 1990 Orlando FL

UPS in the Central Office Intelec 1987 Stockholm Sweden

What Does A Telco Need For 400VDC To Find A Place In The Central Office INTELEC2010 Orlando Florida

What You Dont Know About Grounding Can Hurt You ATIS Protection Engineers Group_2009

Can Two-Wire Systems Coexist With A Three-Wire World? ATIS Protection Engineers Group_2016

Bonding and Grounds:Fundamentals and techniques ‘grounded’ in good science and bitter experience. ATIS Protection Engineers Group_2017


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