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Whether it's a brand new build, an add or an equipment removal, it's crucial that telephone companies get the job they paid for. Industry data reveals the single-most damaging trend in telecom is that large-scale network failures as a direct result of procedural errors are rising annually at about 8%.  This is a long running statistic and so it's both telling and alarming. The root causes for these procedural errors are people issues i.e. inadequate training and supervision and missing documentation.

The pace of today's market environment often results in vendors leaving the job with incomplete items or poorly performed work such as cable holes not fire-stopped or cabling improperly dressed.  Often by the time you realize that the problem exists the vendor company is across the country or even out of business.  The time to get  a job done properly is when that job is installed.  Afterwards is too late and leaves you facing additional cost to get the quality you paid for.

DMA has professionals with more than twenty year experience interfacing between telcos with EF&I vendors to ensure timely completions and glitch-free cutovers. We're convinced that you will more than save the cost of our consultation on each and every job because that job is done completely and properly.  Our people are available when you need them whether it's a few days a month on a particular job or more depending on your needs or your workload in a given territory.  You'll get the job completed painlessly and at the same time your Project Managers and Engineers will pick up on the job training from our professionals.  That spells win-win.

We are trained and equipped to provide consulting services in all aspects installation related oversight work including:

  • Job Servicing
  • Methods Of Procedure evaluations
  • Material Staging
  • Coordination
  • Facility protection
  • Personnel Safety
  • Improved Security
  • Documentation Review
  • Quality Assurance to your standards and to GR-1275
  • Improved Security

We offer these services to the industry at competitive rates:

  • On and off-site design review
  • Job documentation reviews to telephone company standards
  • On and off site coordination and interface
  • Standards enforcement
  • Training
  • Methods Of Procedure review
  • Emergency response and restoral coordination



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