root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis is the difference between explaining your last failure and preventing the next failure or string of failures.

What really caused your outage or accident?  Getting to the cause of a problem means only that a localized "fix" may be implemented.  More important to your reliability and to your bottom line is getting to the "Cause of the cause," to the underlying weakness or process misapplication and then driving that problem out entirely.  That's what Root Cause Analysis does for you.

 Root Cause Analysis uncovers a common reality to problems that everyone can see and understand. With this common reality, communications becomes crystal clear for all involved. Root Cause Analysis is about fixing problems not blame and preventing recurrence.  This is an empowering, layered process of asking why something happened during which we normally find at least two causes and when we continue to ask why, we uncover that there are many layers of cause under the most obvious one. By documenting these branched causes we are able to create a visual dialog that ensures an effective solution each and every time.

Studies show that 70% to 80% of the general population are ineffective problem solvers because they lack a structured, layered approach to problem solving.  Also, during accident investigations, often an outside organization can get to the truth much more quickly than internal resources.

Modeled after the same process used by the National Transportation Safety Board investigating aircraft crashes, Dan McMenamin and Associates has people formally trained in conducting Root Cause Analysis and backed by more than ten years of experience using those processes in a telecommunications environment.  Our reports are detailed and timely and designed to provide a clear path and direction in a non-threatening, proactive mode.



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