switching sytems


Need a Maintenance Engineer to help you with 5ESS or DMS Systems?  We got `em!  Whether it's a new build or extension, a capacity problem, an emergency restoral or you want an on site Specialist to work through your pre-cut issues, we have people who go back to day-one in digital switching.

Prevent a major switching failure - just one of them - and you've saved more than enough money to cover your salary for an entire career. Our professionals have the training and experience to do exactly that and it takes win-win up a peg.

Our 5ESS and Nortel DMS professionals are trained and equipped to provide consulting services in all aspects installation related oversight work including:

  • New builds
  • Extension support
  • System modifications and parameter upgrades
  • Software Load Coordination
  • Testing
  • Advanced troubleshooting and analysis
  • Methods Of Procedure evaluations
  • Documentation Review
  • Quality Assurance
  •   Office index improvement

We offer these services to the industry at competitive rates:

  • On and off-site job review
  • Job documentation and MOP reviews
  • On and off site coordination and interface
  • Standards and quality enforcement
  • Training
  • Cutover support
  • Emergency response and restoral assistance


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